R50/5 - R80GS Basic

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Adapter for oil pressure relay in single components
Article number: 104000
Image number: 12_000
not in stock
21,70 EUR (incl. VAT)
18,24 EUR (no VAT)
Battery cable minus for BMW R50/5-R100 until year of manufacture 1995
Article number: 1244475
Image number: 12_115a
31,10 EUR (incl. VAT)
26,13 EUR (no VAT)
26,90 EUR (incl. VAT)
22,61 EUR (no VAT)
Battery cable plus from year of manufacture 09/1977 until 08/1983
Article number: 1243874
Image number: 12_115c
25,10 EUR (incl. VAT)
21,09 EUR (no VAT)
Cable for ignition coil for BMW R80-R100RT from year of manufacture 09/1980
Article number: 1244177
Image number: 12_000
28,40 EUR (incl. VAT)
23,87 EUR (no VAT)
Charging cable for BMW R45/R65, R60/7-R100R
and for BMW R65GS-R100PD, years of manufacture 1980-1995
Article number: 243224
Image number: 12_000
14,40 EUR (incl. VAT)
12,10 EUR (no VAT)
Charging cable starter for BMW R60/6-R90S
Article number: 1357577
Image number: 12_000
4,90 EUR (incl. VAT)
4,12 EUR (no VAT)
Clamp condenser cable from BMW R50/5 and up, until year of manufacture 09/1978
Article number: 53345
Image number: 12_035
1,00 EUR (incl. VAT)
0,84 EUR (no VAT)
Clamp ignition coil for BMW R50/5-R100
Article number: 43391
Image number: 12_102
5,80 EUR (incl. VAT)
4,87 EUR (no VAT)
Clamping pin generator for BMW models from year of manufacture 09/1969
Article number: 1350769
Image number: 12_017
1,60 EUR (incl. VAT)
1,34 EUR (no VAT)
Collector for three-phase current rotor
Article number: 09100
Image number: 12_019a
not in stock
8,80 EUR (incl. VAT)
7,39 EUR (no VAT)
Condenser for BMW R45-R100, years of manufacture 09/1978-09/1980
Article number: 1359890
Image number: 12_028
16,40 EUR (incl. VAT)
13,78 EUR (no VAT)
Condenser for BMW R50/5-R100 until year of manufacture 09/1978
Article number: 1351564
Image number: 12_037
6,20 EUR (incl. VAT)
5,21 EUR (no VAT)
Contactless ignition system EZA-1, for BMW R24-R26
conversion-kit complete
Article number: 1081120
Image number: E000
low in stock
255,50 EUR (incl. VAT)
214,71 EUR (no VAT)
Contactless ignition system EZA-2, for BMW R27
conversion-kit complete
Article number: 1301470
Image number: E000
not in stock
265,80 EUR (incl. VAT)
223,36 EUR (no VAT)