Travel from 1981 to the present...


The present

In recent years, Ulis Motorradladen GmbH has increasingly prepared for the upcoming generational change in all our company's departments.
Now this generational change is also taking place in the management. Uli Seiwert has taken his well-deserved retirement on 01.02.2024 and ceased his management activities.
He will remain the owner and continue to support the company in word and deed.
Uli's Team would like to thank Uli most sincerely for his commitment in building up a successful company from the ground up, which will continue to offer them a safe home for many years to come.


The present

Right now around 20 specialists see to it daily that more than 5,000 customers receive their required parts worldwide. To do so more than 13,000 packages per year are sent out to almost any country in the world.


You grow with your needs...

By now 15 dedicated employees call Ulis Motorradladen their home and the online-shop is driving the (inter-)national clientele expansion


Next step: The GmbH (Ltd.)

The company Ulis Motorradladen is converted into a GmbH (Ltd.). Still in the driver's seat: founder and owner Uli Seiwert.


It's growing...

Team Ulis has reached double-digits with ten bike-enthusiastic employees


The first decade

The 10th anniversary of Ulis is celebrated in the Elsace, France


The move

Relocation of the shop!
But the journey is not far, just a few houses down the road...
The company had grown, so we needed more space.


Ulis was founded

In October 1981 Uli Seiwert opens his bike shop in Frankfurt