R24 - R69S

R24, R25, R25/2, R25/3, R26, R27, R51/2, R51/3, R67, R67/2, R67/3, R68, R50, R50/2, R60, R60/2, R69, R69S, Sidecars
(Years 1949-1969)

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R50/5 - R80GS

R50/5, R60/5, R75/5, R60/6, R60/7, R75/6, R90/6, R75/7, R45, R65.., R80.., R90S, R100..
(Years 1969-1996)

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Taillight guard for BMW R26, R27 and R50-R69S from year of manufacture 09/1958
stainless steel
Article number: 9910521
Image number: E361A,J582A
34,90 EUR (incl. VAT)
29,33 EUR (no VAT)
Helmet Jet, ECE-22.05, white, L
Article number: 1889214
Image number: L201K,95_100
69,95 EUR (incl. VAT)
58,78 EUR (no VAT)
Rubber pad between fender and brace for BMW R25, R25/2 and R25/3
Article number: 5500001
Image number: F209G
2,20 EUR (incl. VAT)
1,85 EUR (no VAT)