If you are not a reseller (B2B client) you can order as much as you want paying the same weight-and-volume-independent shipping fee:

Germany - Standard shipping

A maximum of  EUR 7.65 (incl. VAT) per order (free shipping on any order above EUR 150.00)*

Europe - Standard shipping

A maximum of EUR 20.90 (incl. VAT) per order (EUR 17.56 excl. VAT)*
Extra charge for island delivery: + EUR 23.86 (excl. VAT) for Aland Islands, Canary Islands, Färöer, etc.

International - Standard shipping

See webshop
*Notice: These shipping fees are not valid for bike and side-car transports. They do contain insurance for loss of shipment, in which case we will send you replacement free of charge.

Express shipping

For many destination countries we offer Express Shipping.
Since the prices are different for each country, they can not be shown on this page. They will be provided during the order process if available for your destination country.