Fuel hose quick-connector, Ø 7,5mm

Benzinschlauch-Schnellkupplung, Ø 7,5mm
9,07 EUR (incl. 16% VAT)

Article-No.: 1303017

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Great solution for all
with compensating line between right and
left side of the fuel tank.
In the past the demounting of the fuel tank was a big mess.
But now, with this part, its very easy and clean.
Only one press on the button, and the halves are unconnected.
Both sides are leak-proof and no fuel will come out.
With only on easy step (put both sides together) and the connection is ready again.
For all fuel hoses with 6mm and 7mm useable.
(For 8mm fuel hoses also useable, but its needed to use hose clamp you must order seperatly.)
A great solution also for other brands of motorcycles and cars, with 6mm or 7mm fuel hose.